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Residents need to stay informed.

Group Messaging for Property Managers of Any Sort

Property managers frequently send communication to tell tenants about move-out dates, repairs, noise complaints, and rent increases. Effectively communicating this information to a wide array of people is challenging.

Fortunately, One Call Now has the tools to help you communicate with confidence. We make group messaging and calling simple and reliable. Send commercial-tenant and resident communications to just a few contacts or to thousands. Messages instantly get where they need to go.

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One Call Now for Property Managers

No matter who you need to contact or when you need to reach them, One Call Now has the tools to let you do just that in an easy and engaging way. With our reliability and redundancy approach, it’s almost guaranteed your contacts will be reached. If not, you’ll be able to see why on the automatically generated message reports. Getting in touch with your residents has never been easier! If you would like to hear how One Call Now can improve your resident communications, request a hassle-free communication consultation today.

Residential Properties

As a property manager of an apartment or condominium community, you realize resident communication is of the utmost importance. With One Call Now, getting a hold of your community has never been easier. What’s even better is the multi-modal capabilities we provide that allow you to send messages through voice, email and text. Live in a tech-savvy community? We even have an app where you can send and receive messages!

Commercial Properties

We all enjoy the luxuries of shopping malls and strip centers, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Managers of commercial properties take a lot into consideration when planning and maintaining the general flow of business. Moreover, communicating with tenants is easier said than done. If you’re looking for an easier way to get in touch with all your tenants at once, we’ve got the answers!

Senior Living Communities

As a property manager for a senior living facility, there is extra pressure to keep your residents engaged and active. One challenge is effectively communicating these events and social functions to keep them engaged. Generally speaking, senior citizens are not actively using technology, although a segment of the population is. One Call Now helps you reach everyone by sending messages via text, email and voice.

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Targeted Communication For Commercial And Residential Property Managers

One Call Now supplies you with commercial-tenant and resident alerts. We keep you connected with your people, no matter who they are. Whether your message is urgent or routine, we get the word out quickly and reliably. It’s simple and efficient to send One Call Now’s group messaging to tenants. Reach your entire contact list or group in minutes, without tying up your staff or interrupting operations. One Call Now’s group messaging for property managers allows you to:

  • Use voice, text, or email to suit your contacts or the message.
  • Learn who received a message and who didn’t.
  • Target specific audiences.
  • Ask recipients to respond.
  • Give recipients the option to transfer to a live service representative or staff member.
  • Record and store frequently used messages.
  • Send automatically translated messages to non-English speaking tenants.
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a predetermined time.


Want to Increase Senior Resident Engagement?

The answer could be as simple as communicating with your residents. We all know communicating is easier said than done, so our latest article lays the groundwork for building a strong and reliable communication plan.

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An Effective Communication Tool For Senior Living

One Call Now’s group messaging service makes it easy to protect and inform senior living residents and their families. Target resident communication to improve quality of life.

  • Send just-in-time event reminders.
  • CC residents’ families on messages.
  • Schedule meal and medication reminders.


Staff members benefit, too, with notifications that:

  • Save supervisors hours of phone time.
  • Contact off-duty or part-time staffers to fill staff slots.
  • Confirm shift assignments.

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