Every organization profits from targeted communication.

Group Messaging For Non-Profits

One Call Now understands the situations facing non-profits. Employees need specific information, and volunteers, donors, and community members need to know what’s happening, too. Effective group messaging is challenging, especially when you have more than one group to reach. And when the right messages don’t get to the right people at the right time, problems occur.

Fortunately, One Call Now has the tools to help you communicate with confidence. We make group messaging and calling simple and reliable. Send notifications to just a few contacts or to thousands. Messages instantly get where they need to go.

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How can you improve communication?

Notifying Your People

One Call Now is efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your contact list. There’s no software to purchase, no hardware to install, and no additional phone lines required.

  • Free mobile apps keep simplicity and reliability with you at all times.
  • Use either voice, text*, or email to suit your contacts or the message.
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from any phone or from our website.
  • Send urgent messages at a moment’s notice.

Stop No Shows and Missed Appointments

Boost Participation, Awareness, And Fundraising

If you need to sign up volunteers or get the word out about an event, you can’t just post a notice on a wall or bulletin board. Targeted communication through voice message, text message, and email get it done quickly and securely. Read how One Call Now’s targeted communication helps your mission:

  • Seek and coordinate volunteers.
  • Increase participation in special events.
  • Quickly send cancellation or delay notices.
  • Increase meeting attendance with reminder messages.
  • Create specific contact groups within your organization.
  • Ensure that the right message reaches the right contacts.
  • Send personalized welcome messages to new members.
  • Reach everyone quickly and at once with urgent messages.
  • Get customized setups for quick keypad responses from recipients.

Shopping for a Notification Service for your Church or Nonprofit Organization

Notification systems play a key role in a good overall communication plan for churches and nonprofit organizations, and there are significant differences between services. Whether you are dealing with weather cancellations, volunteer reminders, prayer chains and tithing updates, evaluate the options and make sure your communication needs are covered.

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  • “The system has already shown great success with our county DATs, helping us engage more volunteers, mentor new ones, and serve clients more quickly. With the help of One Call Now, our response time in February was the second best in nine years.”

    - Red Cross Pennsylvania