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One Call Now for Legal Professionals

Legal professional’s plates are continuously filled with varying tasks from client meetings to case hearings. In order to make a firm successful, lawyers must communicate with a multitude of different people every day including clients, partners, secretaries, paralegals and other firm employees. Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to complete your daily tasks and maintain communication with all these individuals. Streamlining the communication process can be difficult, but One Call Now has the tools your firm needs!

Client Communication

Whether you are a part of a small practice or a large firm, client communication is of the utmost importance. Clients are the most integral part of your business – without them you would be out of work. Maintaining a healthy professional relationship with your clients begins with keeping them in the loop. The One Call Now service can achieve this by reminding your clients of appointments, informing them of missed appointments, updating your clientele on new laws, and sending out invoices.
Keeping in contact with current clients will let them know you are dedicated to their personal issues, and are committed to their case. In today’s technologically driven world, personalized customer relationship management is crucial. When you make it obvious you’re committed to your clients, they will be more likely to return to you in the future.

Employee Communication

As a firm with partners, paralegals, secretaries, and other employees it’s important to have everyone on the same page. Contacting all these members can be daunting, but with One Call Now you can get in touch with everyone in just a few clicks or a simple phone call. If there’s inclement weather in the area, or you need to schedule an emergency meeting with just the partners – quickly send a message to everyone or a select group.
One Call Now is also great for emergency messaging. If there’s a security threat in the building, or emergency evacuation is needed, you can quickly inform everyone in the firm on what procedures need to be followed and where to meet.
Keeping your team organized and in the loop with allow for a healthier work environment.

How can you improve communication?

Class-Action Lawsuits

Have you ever been associated with a mass tort litigation? If so, you know getting in touch with the hundreds or thousands of people affected is quite the task. Using One Call Now, you are able to send email, text or voice calls to those individuals who have filed the complaint. In doing so, you’ll accomplish your goal of easing the pain suffered, and compensating for any damages accrued.

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