Financial Services

As a financial institution you have a lot to protect: your organization and those who make it all possible.


A day in the life of a bank employee is not always easy. Whether it is advising customers, dealing with potential security threats or preparing for tax season, it’s never a dull day for those in the financial industry. After all, money makes the world go ‘round.

Protecting assets is primary objective of any bank, but in reality banks have to protect their employees to their customers and everything in between. By implementing the One Call Now messaging platform, you will easily be able to do just that.

Potential opportunity in the stock market? Easily get in contact with your clients who might be interested. Robbery at another branch? Easily alert employees and those affected. Whatever the circumstance may be, One Call Now can instantly reach your contacts. Let us minimize risk and increase opportunity!

How can you improve communication?

Credit Unions

As a credit union, your customers know you have their best interest in mind when it comes to their financial decisions. Take preventative measures to protect them, as well as your team who makes it all possible. You never know when a security threat or natural disaster will arise. Implementing a messaging platform can save your credit union hours of time, further increasing productivity hours. Individually calling members with overdrawn accounts of defaulted loans? Our system can call them all in a matter of minutes! If you’re having a charity event and want to get the word out – let our voice-to-text system individually invite all your members. Not only will you be able to engage with your members on a much more frequent basis, your credit union will also mitigate risk and be prepared for whatever unexpected circumstances arise.

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