The Safe School Helpline®

One Call Now offers early intervention against school violence.

Protect students, teachers, staff

  • learn of potential violence issues before they happen
  • get students immediate help with direct access to trained crisis counselors
  • help assure a safe and secure learning environment

A federal study shows that 71% of attackers who commit violent acts in schools were once victims themselves*… long before it reached a boiling point. One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline® is the critical tool you need to help assure a safe and secure learning environment. Developed with extensive school administrator input, Safe School Helpline® is the only anonymous hotline service that also includes direct and confidential access to a trained staff of crisis counselors, 24/7. When time is of the essence, potentially life-saving, professional help is immediately available to your students.

*Preventing, Preparing for Critical Incidents in Schools, U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice Journal, March, 2009.

With the Safe School Helpline® …

  • learn of potential stressors before they happen by providing an anonymous hotline for students to text or call
  • gauge the complete context of every incident with full transcripts of every call
  • identify “hot spots” of potential trouble with an emergency-response warning system
  • provide students a direct line to crisis counselors, trained in dealing with the critical issues of pre- and adolescent suicide or self-harming, drug or alcohol abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and other mental health stressors.

Safe School Helpline® is being used in thousands of schools across the country to help administrators ensure a safe school environment. And, to ensure every school is financially able to provide an early intervention system, Safe School Helpline® from One Call Now is priced significantly lower than other school safety reporting services—as much as 2/3 less.

As part of the Safe School Helpline® service, OCN also provides collateral and communications to create a high level of awareness among students, teachers, staff and parents of how to use the Safe School Helpline®.

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Safe School Helpline—Just one more way One Call Now is putting schools first.

As a long-time supporter of the Mission of Educators, One Call Now provides the Kids Read Now program, financial support for the international bullying prevention organization, Olweus, and free levy calls. With the Safe School Helpline®, we are again demonstrating our support by providing pricing well below other school safety reporting services. We want every school in America to have an early intervention system and a safer environment within which to learn.