Emergency or Routine – One Call Now Gets the Word Out for Head Start Agencies

ChildPlus users now have access to One Call Now’s robust parent notification service!  Contact us for special ChildPlus pricing.

Comply with Head Start Policy 1302.16* and Use One Call Now to Automate Your Attendance Calls!

Thousands of schools and Head Start agencies across the country rely on One Call Now to provide an easy, affordable, and efficient way to quickly communicate with parents and staff.  Now our ability to integrate with ChildPlus ensures your important communications are delivered efficiently to your most up-to-date parent and staff contact information.

  • Unlimited messaging is easy to budget and makes One Call Now the perfect plan for day-to-day communications as well as emergency alerts.
  • Conveniently send unlimited voice, text and email messages anytime, from any phone, our website or our handy smartphone app.
  • Comply with regulations and improve office efficiency. Automate daily attendance calls – Your contact list is always accurate and up-to-date with our ChildPlus integration.
  • Control chaos.

Use One Call Now to communicate information quickly and accurately in emergency situations.

  • Keep kids safe. Inform parents and staff of weather delays and cancellations.
  • Save time and money. Automate personalized fee reminders for day care or after school programs.
  • Increase parental involvement. Promote upcoming events and programs.

We are saving time, money and frustration for thousands of schools around the country:

Streamline communications without draining your budget. Put One Call Now to work for you today and keep students safe and your parents and staff informed and engaged. Discover how One Call Now can save you time and money

For specific questions or to request a quote, please contact  Eric Cox at 877.698.3262, ext 2340 or email him at You’ll be glad you did!


*Head Start Policy and Regulations    1302.16 Attendance.
(a) Promoting regular attendance. A program must track attendance for each child.  (1) A program must implement a process to ensure children are safe when they do not arrive at school. If a child is unexpectedly absent and a parent has not contacted the program within one hour of program start time, the program must attempt to contact the parent to ensure the child’s well-being.