California Charter Schools Association – CCSA

One Call Now named as Charter Advantage Partner for Parent Notification

CCSA schools now have access to One Call Now’s robust parent notification service!  Contact us for special pricing for CCSA schools.

One Call Now can help your school tackle these tough challenges:

  • Tight budgets and pressure to cut costs
  • Staff and resources stretched—mandate to do more with less
  • Quickly send accurate and timely information—every time
  • Not enough parents involved and participating

We make it easy to quickly communicate with thousands of people via voice, text and email… and get results!

  • Reduce costs and increase cash flow with automated lunch card and fees due notices
  • Save time and improve staff performance. We seamlessly integrate with your SIS allowing you to make attendance and sub calls a snap
  • Protect students, teachers and staff with alerts to administrators, coaches and band directors about imminent inclement weather. Our warnings automatically post to your website and other social media if you choose. Plus, you can get feedback during emergencies with two-way communication features.
  • Inform and engage families and community in their preferred language on their preferred devices. From sending delay and cancellation notices to promoting events, programs and sports, One Call Now’s service can be your go-to method for reaching everyone fast.

While parent notification is the core of our business, our dedication to supporting your mission as educators is unmatched. We participate in and provide the following additional benefits:

  • Kids Read Now – helping kids learn through summer reading programs
  • Anti-bullying Initiatives – keeping kids safe through school and community events and information including:
    • Financial support for the international bulling prevention organization,
    • Safe School Helpline®— the only anonymous school violence and crisis hotline offering direct, confidential access to trained crisis counselors, 24/7. We want every school in America to have an early intervention system and a safer environment within which to learn.

We are saving time, money and frustration for thousands of schools around the country:

Learn how we can save you time, money and frustration. For specific questions or to request a quote, please contact  Eric Cox at 877.698.3262, ext 2340 or email him at You’ll be glad you did!