College and University Notification System

Customized Communications For Colleges and Universities

For many students, the transition from secondary to higher education is intimidating. However, your college or university can ease the change using One Call Now’s group messaging for schools. Think of the value of being able to send customized welcome messages to students before they even arrive. Personalized touches like this inspire confidence, help create excitement for the upcoming school year, and let students know that they have selected the right school. Once they arrive, make students feel safe, informed, and included via automated text, voice, or email updates. In addition, our notification systems can deliver FAFSA, financial aid, and scholarship due date reminders. It’s imperative to keep your students on track—and coming back!

Of course, One Call Now’s notification systems can benefit colleges and universities in other ways. Drive enrollment by reaching prospective students around the world through voice, text, email, and social media messages. Cut costs by replacing direct mail efforts with personalized voice messages. Improve event attendance through the use of text reminders. Increase revenue by allowing people to transfer directly to your bursar or ticket offices and make immediate payments or purchases. Your college or university can also enhance fundraiser results with calls from famous alumni, beloved coaches, and popular athletes. The best part? Our systems allow you to track your efforts and document the results.

How can you improve communication?

Put the Freeze on Summer Melt

Summer can be a vulnerable time for high school grads with college intentions. Anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of students planning to head to college fail to matriculate at any postsecondary school in the fall after high school graduation. The reasons for the attrition are complex, but there are steps that can be taken to increase the chances that students stay on track, including the use of communication technology.

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Making Campus A Safer Place To Live And Work

For higher education institutions around the country safety is among their administrators’ highest priorities. Yet, when you have thousands of people working and living together the logistics of communication often proves difficult—classes are in session at different times, often spread across acres; students live in dorms and apartments both on and off campus; faculty and staff often commute long distances—how do you manage emergency and routine communication?

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