Mass Text Messaging

Mass text messaging, and mass communication is a process by which a person, group, or organization creates a message and transmits it to a large audience. Today this type of communication is no longer restricted to mass media.  Individuals and businesses have never had a stronger need, or have been more able to spread important notifications.

The crux of any mass notification system is the medium by which the messages are delivered to your audience.  Whether your choice is text, blog, social media, or a simple phone call it’s critical to know the message is delivered the way your audience wants to receive it and fast enough for information to remain relevant.  One Call Now provides the solution.


Mass Text Service

Similar to calling, mass text messaging enables you to create one message and quickly send texts to a list of contacts via cell phone, mobile app, or email.  The critical difference between regular text messaging and mass messaging service is the ability to save common messages, insert custom text per contact, and easily define delivery groups.

Quickly sending hundreds or thousands text messages can be a giant issue for individuals and organizations of all sizes.  Sending texts with One Call Now provides you with peace of mind knowing you have a best in class solution.  We know you want your message to be delivered quickly and reliably, reduce how much time it takes to create messages, choose contacts, and have it all be affordable.  Let us prove it to you with a 30 day free trial today.

Voice and Calling

A mass calling service sends automated phone calls to a list of contacts.  It allows you to create one simple message and then quickly deliver it to as many contacts as you want. Talk to hundreds, or thousands, of people in the time it takes to speak to just one.

Dialing a phone number is quick and easy. But dialing tens, hundreds, and even thousands of phone numbers takes time and energy. With One Call Now’s mass calling system, you record your message digitally, and we dial your recipients for you. By sending mass reminders and notifications from a computer or a touch-tone device, you’ll enjoy more free time to manage other priorities. Plus, our service is web-based, so there’s no need to buy expensive hardware dialers with limited phone lines and slow delivery times. Boost response rates, improve event attendance, and increase effective communication now!

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