It's Time to Automate Your Call Tree

Is your organization still using a manual phone tree? Automate your group calling tree and send messages to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts simultaneously, with the One Call Now group notification solution.

It’s Time to Automate Your Calling Tree

In today’s fast-paced environment, communicating with your team can be overwhelming. Expectations are high, and Information needs to be dispersed quickly and accurately. One Call Now is an automated mass notification system that removes the risk of a manual call tree system.

The One Call Now messaging service automates your mass communication.  Call tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts simultaneously with important information.

One Call Now’s calling tree automates the manual call process and delivers messages to any group, large or small, in moments. Our automated calling tree allows you to contact your entire organization with any message, from routine notifications to emergency alerts.

Call Tree - Manual and Automated Mass Notification

One Call Now is Easy to Use

With One Call Now, automating your group notification begins with simply generating a message. This can be voice, text, email, or push notification—voice notifications can be custom recorded or generated from our text to speech system. Choose your contacts or group, and you are ready to send a notification.

One Call Now is web based and does not require the purchase of extra hardware or software, or additional phone lines. Schools, religious organizations, sports teams, businesses and municipalities throughout the country rely on One Call Now for routine reminders and emergency notifications.

Stop wasting hours of time everyday—work smarter, not harder— automate your manual phone call tree today! 

CASE STUDY – Northside Church of Christ

Call Trees Have Their Hangups

For the Northside Church of Christ, delivering prayer requests to the entire congregation was time-consuming and laborious, especially using an archaic manual calling tree. With One Call Now, they were able to distribute prayer requests, announcements, alerts, and other notifications to congregants in a timely and consistent manner.

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