Staffing Notification

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Business Staffing Notification Services For The 21st Century

Every day, thousands of companies and groups use One Call Now’s Automated Employee Calling Service to simplify and expedite staffing issues. Don’t you deserve the same advantage? With just a few easy steps, we can help you fill open shifts, send reminders, and keep staff updated. Group messaging has never been easier!

How can you improve communication?

Keeping Staff Streamlined

How long does it currently take to cover absences? How challenging can it be to immediately contact individual staff members? Our business staffing notification services simplify and streamline this process. Broadcast messages to staff by the platform of their choice: voice, text, or email. And when you initiate a message, it can be instantly sent to everyone at once across all three mediums. Communication doesn’t get any easier than this.




International Calling

Call any country in the world from anywhere in the United States.

Quota Calling

Send calls until a predetermined number of live answers respond via polling or hot transfers.

Group Polling

Allow recipients to enter a touch-tone response to questions during message delivery.


The Most Comprehensive Employee Notification System

A free iPhone app from One Call Now provides the ultimate in convenience and messaging abilities. Get a free trial account, view real-time confirmation reports, and send messages in seconds.

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