Routine Alerts

Keep everyone informed through recurring and reliable updates

The Only Good Message Is A Received Message

Every group or company needs to have an organized communication process. Without this, even minor updates can cause major problems if they are not received. Why take chances? With One Call Now, create one message and send it to your contacts through whichever method they prefer, such as reminder calls or text blasts. You can even record and store frequently used messages. Whether your contacts are across the street or across time zones, our group calling service and messaging systems will make sure your routine alerts are promptly delivered.




How can you improve communication?

Frustration-Free Notifications

For many, sending routine alerts to various contacts is a time-consuming hassle.  Which groups want to be contacted by text? Which want to be contacted by phone? If you call and get an answering machine, should you leave a message, or should you call back later? Put these worries in the past. One Call Now provides industry-leading contact management and reporting features that ensure your messages are successfully sent and received.

Get Your Message Across

One Call Now’s systems are efficient and affordable, and they help organizations across the world communicate better every day.  Check out how One Call Now’s services can help you, too.  Get a free trial account today!

Everything You Need To Effectively Message

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