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“But I didn’t get the message!”

You don’t want to hear that when you’re responsible for communicating to a group. Here at One Call Now, we’ll make sure everyone gets the message. One Call Now’s automated calling system restores your confidence in knowing that everyone is in the loop. With a click of a mouse or a tap of key, you send instant alerts and notifications by phone, text, or email to people who need them. Our system also provides feedback for all alerts and notifications you send.

What We Do

We make sure you get the right message to the right people.

What We Do

We make sure you get the right message to the right people.


Fill shift voids, send reminders, and keep staff informed.

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Routine Alerts

Broadcast routine updates to better inform and coordinate your people.

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Emergency Notifications

Broadcast urgent communication in emergency situations.

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Customer Notifications

Let customers know when you have sales, specials and events, or just want to say thanks.

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Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, every second matters. Let One Call Now make the most of your time.

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Employee Notification

You can’t overemphasize the importance of providing consistent employee communication.

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We Build Automated Calling Systems for Any Occasion

Every organization has its own communication needs. One Call Now offers customized solutions to solve staffing issues, broadcast emergency alerts, send routine notifications, or contact customers. We’re the solution for automated group messages.

We Offer Powerful Features

Want to reach hundreds, or thousands, of contacts in moments? We can do it. Need to have a message translated into another language? We can do that, too. One Call Now’s features add limitless value to our automated notification systems. And all of those features focus on sending your communication through the right channels and to the right contacts.

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We Deliver Reliability

We guarantee 100% uptime with fully redundant systems and geographically diverse facilities. Every server, installation, and all customer data are replicated across multiple sites. If anything is lost, data and operations are maintained without fail. Plus, One Call Now guarantees fast delivery with money-back, service-level agreements.

We Know Your Industry

No matter your organization, One Call Now has a team focusing on communication challenges particular to your industry. We’ve built a staff with backgrounds from the industries we serve, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, property management, and more. Every day we deploy this range of experience to deliver solutions to people like you.

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One Call Now has automated notification systems to enhance communication for every organization. Come see how we can solve your communication problems.

Partner with North America’s leader in automated phone and text message systems. Reliability and simplicity guaranteed.

We Establish Simplicity

First of all, we take care of the infrastructure. No additional software, hardware, or phone lines are required on your end. All you need to do is create the message, choose your contacts, and select your medium: voice message, text, email, or mobile app. One Call Now eliminates the hassle of broadcasting important messages to a mass audience.

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One Call Now has saved our church countless hours of making phone calls.
David B.
It’s easy to use, and the Android app works well for recording and sending messages.
Gary H.
One Call Now has made such a difference in how much time it takes us to handle emergency closings or late openings
Karen L.

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