When Winter Weather Strikes, Your Messages Keep People Safe

Broadcast timely information and inclement weather closings with confidence using One Call Now's mass notification system.

Did You Know?

Sending Alerts For Severe Weather

Severe weather is a common use for a mass notification service like One Call Now.  Everyday businesses and organizations across the world use our service to send messages informing their contacts of situations like an interruption of service, altered store hours, and canceled events.  Keep your customers, members, and employees safe during severe weather with just a few simple steps – Create or select an existing message, select contacts, and send.  One Call Now helps you deliver critical voice and text weather alerts, or everyday routine communications in one simple and affordable package.

Voice or Text Alerts – Send Messages That Count

Multiple modes of communication like voice, text, and email are critical when inclement weather occurs.  Our customers tell us that reliably delivering messages during emergency situations means as many sending options as possible.  National severe weather alerts like those found at weather.gov are proof that people are comfortable and often expecting to be personally contacted during times of emergency or outages.  Contact One Call Now’s communication consultants for more information on how you can join the growing number of organizations delivering critical information quickly and easily.

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