It's Here!

We are excited to announce “Keyword Opt-In” is here!
“Keyword Opt-In” is a new feature that will allow recipients to add themselves as a member of a subgroup by texting a keyword to our SMS code, from their device. Group leaders simply need to set up their keywords and then let their people know how to join!

Website makeover!
Right now you will see that the side navigation menu and the page header have a fresh new look!

Coming Soon

“Self-Managed Subgroups” for the Self Update Portal is also coming soon!
“Self-Managed Subgroups” will allow your contacts who use the Self Update Portal to subscribe or unsubscribe to or from any subgroup that is enabled using the new Self-Managed subgroup enhancement!

And the One Call Now secure website is getting a fresh new look!
You will continue to see enhancements to the look and feel of the secure website over the next few months as we roll out our website makeover!

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