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Dialing phones giving you hand cramps?

Businesses and organizations everywhere have issues sending updates to their contacts. Email can be unreliable, text messages too short, and dialing phones too time consuming. If you’re facing this challenge, it’s time to think about an automated messaging service. Automated messaging services like One Call Now allow you to send email, text, and phone messages to all or select groups of your contacts with a click of a button or one phone call.

Consistent, timely messaging can be critical for safety and success, but getting messages delivered can be time consuming and inefficient. Do you need to alert your organization regarding an emergency or unusual situation? When time is a factor a voice broadcasting service is a critical tool. Select your contact groups, create or select a saved message, and send.  That’s how simple it is.

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Manually dialing a long list of phone numbers consumes valuable time. It doesn’t just waste the time you could be spending on other priorities; it delays the delivery of your message. When the message is timely or important, you can’t afford that.

Our voice broadcast service asks little of you. Simply record one message, and we will dial every number on your list at once. With just one call, your message will be delivered to thousands of land lines and cell phones. As an option, you can type an email or social media message, and we will deliver the message in a natural-sounding voice.



Organizations throughout the country rely on One Call Now’s voice messaging to send routine reminders and emergency notifications. From schools, churches, and synagogues to sports teams, businesses, and property managers, we meet their phone messaging needs.

If hundreds of people must be notified about a last-minute scheduling or venue change, our automated service can take handle it. Is a response required? Our service enables two-way communication, allowing your recipients to respond individually to the broadcasted message.



Hundreds or thousands of recipients can receive messages when you use One Call Now’s voice broadcasting, but it also gives you the ability to target smaller groups. Our subgroup feature allows you to send your message only to those contacts for which the message is relevant. You can create an unlimited amount of subgroups, and even choose a filter to dynamically create groups based on a contact property.



Many people dislike the sound of their own voice or prefer to type a message rather than record it. One Call Now has them covered. Our message broadcast solution includes a text-to-speech feature that converts typed text to an audio file and delivers a natural-sounding voice message. We even offer multiple voices to choose from. If you’re often sending the same message you can pre-record messages and save them for use any time in our Audio Library.

More Ways to Use One Call Now’s Automated Voice Message Service:

  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Increase attendance at events with automated reminders
  • Quickly send cancellation or delay messages
  • Recruit and organize volunteers or employees

Benefits our customers love:

  • Everyone receives the same message
  • You can contact everyone or just specific groups
  • Your contacts know it’s you calling because you can select the Caller ID you want displayed when your message arrives
  • Your messages are understood by all with automated translations (52 languages)
  • Get responses when contacts use their phone keypads

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