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Save Time With A Phone Messaging Service

If you’ve ever had to call more than a few people to give them an important message, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it is. Whether you get a live person on the line or voice mail picks up, it takes invaluable time to dial each number and repeat the message over and over.  Now you can rely on One Call Now’s Phone Messaging service to do the dialing, AND the talking, for you.  It’s simple!

What is Multi-Modal Communication and why is it important?

Ask yourself this: Do you prefer a phone call, a text message, or an email?  What about in an emergency?  How about very early in the morning or late at night?

Understanding a contact’s communication preferences is critical.  We call the ability to broadcast messages through various means of delivery Multi-Modal Communication, and that’s what One Call Now does best.

Text, phone messaging, email, or mobile app notifications –
we provide the type of communication you need.  

Simply create and send your messages in one or more modes, and monitor your delivery reports to know who received communication.  Simple and easy.

Click the article below to read why multi-modal communication is so important when reaching contacts from multiple generations.

Article Download: Reaching Across the Generations

The average person receives 120 to 150 emails per day (and the number is rising 15% per year)

Who can keep up?  Email messages routinely get filtered, missed and accidentally deleted.  While email may not disappear completely, it’s effectiveness is on the decline.

Using One Call Now, critical messages can be sent by multiple methods at one time.  Our automated phone message system can help cut through the clutter and ensure that your important message is received.

What About Text Messaging?

Regular group text messaging from a personal or business phone allows for a limited amount of messages to be sent to contacts, but we commonly hear that the volume of messages and reliability of delivery are a key weakness. You may also find that your contacts prefer a voice communication particularly for time sensitive or emergency updates.  Using a mass messaging service like One Call Now solves these issues for and provides both text and voice broadcasts.

Go Moblie with One Call Now’s Automated Phone Messaging App for Android and iOS

Phone messaging has evolved significantly with mobile phone growth, and that makes it even more convenient for organizations to contact their members. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and with One Call Now you don’t have to choose between calls or texts.  Deliver your messages instantly the way your contacts prefer to receive them – phone calls, text messages, email messages or all three.  Find the right phone messaging plan for your organization by contacting one of our communication specialists today.


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Update, Inform, Protect with Phone Messaging Systems

Organizations across the world have messages they want to deliver to their contacts.  These messages can vary from emergency notifications, weather updates, school closings, appointment and bill reminders, or simply letting customers know of a sale or product offer.  No matter the message the issues are the same – Messages need to be delivered quickly and reliably without requiring hours or days making phone calls or sending emails.

One Call Now is a web based service that enables organizations to create custom messages, manage contact groups, and send notifications using varied modes of contact like voice, SMS text, email, and push notification.  Phone messaging has evolved significantly with mobile phone growth, and that provides new opportunities for organizations to better contact their members. Find your opportunity with One Call Now by contacting one of our communication specialists today.

What is a Phone Messaging System, or Phone Messaging Service?

A Phone Messaging System or Phone Messaging Services provide simultaneous automatic dialing of phone numbers using a method which one message is digitally recorded and sent to a list of phone numbers via telephone.

Systems like this ensure the right message gets to the right people quickly and reliably, and are key to modern mass messaging.  Even with new communication methods voice messaging remains a preference for many, but making individual phone calls is extremely time consuming.  We’re here to help, request a free communication assessment from our staff of specialists today.

With One Call Now Phone Message System you talk, we deliver

One Call Now’s phone message system sends automated messages within minutes, to any group, large or small. Schools, congregations, sports teams, businesses, governments and municipalities throughout the country rely on us for routine reminders


OCN-ICON-CLOCK  Our phone message system is fast, dependable and easy to use OCN-ICON-NO  No hardware, software or phone lines needed with our phone message system
OCN-ICON-MESSAGES  Live support 7 days a week – speak to an actual phone message system specialist OCN-ICON-LAPTOP  Your web-based phone message system will be up-and-running in no time

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