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One Call Now's Mobile App makes group messaging easy for senders and recipients.

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Perhaps more than anything else, people are looking for things to be quick and simple. They want convenience.

Our mobile texting and calling apps make it easy for message senders to communicate information. Just as important, they help the receivers organize it. With just a few key strokes, senders can communicate with everybody who needs to receive a notification, alert, or announcement. Recipients can manage the information they’ve received so that they won’t feel overwhelmed.

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Our Group Text Messaging And Calling App For Senders

You will never need to call multiple people to deliver the same information again. With the One Call Now texting and calling app, you can launch emergency notifications, text reminders, routine alerts, and more. In just a few seconds, you can launch any message, anytime, from anywhere with the One Call Now App

Features include the ability to:

Blue icon of a paper plane flying through the air Create a Message: Or choose a saved message.
Blue icons of two pages stacked with one of their edges folded Choose How to Send: By voice, SMS text, or email. You can also use a text to voice feature and can choose one of several voices to deliver your message.
Blue icon of a person's head in a circle   Choose Your Recipients: Choose your entire group or a subgroup.
Blue icon of a stop watch   Schedule Delivery: Can be immediate or at the day/time of your choosing.
Blue icon of a piece of paper with a circle graph. One of the edges of the paper is folded.   Review Message Reports: See how many have heard/read your message.

The One Call Now Messenger App allows you to send automated text, email, text-to-speech, and voice messages from anywhere, at your convenience! Easily tailor your groups to ensure that only the right people get the message. Find out who listened to your voice message or read your text or email with real-time, detailed message reports. The One Call Now app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Download it today!

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 My Call Now—Our Group Text Messaging And Calling App For Receivers

The information sharer is only one element of the two-piece communication puzzle. The information-recipient is an essential partner. If the recipient faces obstacles, the message won’t get through. That’s why we developed the My Call Now App for message receivers—to remove obstacles. Helping Recipients Organize Their Information Managing many streams of information is an ongoing challenge for message recipients. The My Call Now app provides a solution: It stores all voice, text, and email messages sent via One Call Now in one place for quick, easy reference. This reduces confusion, follow-up calls, no-shows, missed appointments, and non-compliance. Users can forward messages to a calendar, reducing the likelihood of something falling through the cracks. Messages can be passed along to other people, improving the flow of information and increasing attendance at events. My Call Now is available for most iOS and Android devices. Download it today!

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