Automated Text Messaging System

Communicate with your group easily with mass texting.

Automated Messaging Services Deliver Your Messages Simply and Efficiently

People are very busy. They juggle many commitments and responsibilities. Relying on mail or email is outdated. The average email user receives 88 emails per day. Yours can easily be lost in the pile. Using an automated text messaging system can ensure your message is seen and read in a timely manner. Consider some statistics:

  • Texts have a 99% open rate versus a 25% email open rate.
  • 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.
  • 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases.
  • 91% of users who opted-in to receive texts from a brand rate those messages as “somewhat” or “very useful”.

One Call Now’s automated text message service gets your message seen.


Quickly Reach Your Contacts With Our Group Automated Message Service

The preferred method of communication for many people is text messaging. One Call Now’s automated text messaging system allows you to:

  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Schedule seasonal service calls
  • Send payment reminders
  • Inform customers of route or service changes
  • Distribute promotional offers
  • Solicit customer feedback
  • Promote customer loyalty
  • Build brand awareness
  • Welcome new customers with personalized messages

Automated Text Messaging Service Interface

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One Call Now: How It Works

Just record or type your message, select recipients, and push a button. We’ll take care of the rest.

One Call Now delivers your message to everybody on your designated contact list. Send it as your choice of a phone call, SMS text message, email, or push notification — all through one handy platform and simple user interface.

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Our Automated Mass Texting Service Will Help You Contact Hundreds—Or Thousands—Of People At Once

One Call Now’s mass automated message system program enables you to send one message to hundreds or thousands of mobile phones simultaneously. You’ll never have to repeatedly send the same message to different people within the same group. Recipients also know immediately that the message comes from an important source. And it’s convenient. You can record and store messages for future use. We also offer customization options, allowing users to create subgroups and organize contacts.

You Can Count On Us To Deliver Your Message

One Call Now is completely reliable. Notifications reach recipients, regardless of your systems or infrastructure. Our redundant systems and geographically diverse facilities can ensure a 100% uptime guarantee. Our team of engineers, working with the best technology, has designed a delivery system capable of managing 20 times the amount of volume we typically handle. Your message will reach its target. If you subscribe to a cell plan with text messaging, One Call Now text messages will be included in your plan. If you do not have a text messaging option on your cellular plan or you exceed your plan’s limit, standard text message rates will apply.

Who Uses Our Automated Text Message System?

Every day, groups and organizations across the country rely on us to serve their messaging needs, including:

  • Property Managers
  • Religious Organizations
  • Banks
  • Medical Offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Businesses
  • Sports Teams

Our automated SMS group messaging service helps them reach their groups, both large and small. We facilitate their communications with our many features. Our translation capabilities can convert a message into your choice of 52 languages. Message reports allow you to track communication, review responses, and organize them in one place. Text reminders let people know a meeting, deadline, or event is approaching.

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