Automated Notification: Solutions Via Automated Voice, Text, and App

Conveniently reach everybody in your group at once.

Automated Notification Service For All Communications – Automated Voice, Text, and App

Imagine dialing pages of phone numbers to deliver the same exact message over and over again. It would take hours.

With One Call Now’s automated notification service, it takes seconds.

Simplify Your Life With Automated Messaging

Making an automated phone call with One Call Now is easy. Record or type a message, select your recipients, and push a button. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest.

One Call Now will send your message, distributing it through thousands of channels and delivering it to everybody on your contact list.

Automated Voice Notification and Customer Communication via One Call Now - Group messaging, with voice notification, text alerts, email, and mobile apps.

One Call Now’s automated notification system allows you to:

  • Issue payment and past-due bill reminders
  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Automatically confirm appointments
  • Schedule seasonal service calls
  • Renew service agreements
  • Inform customers of route or service changes
  • Distribute promotional offers
  • Promote special events
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Build customer loyalty to boost sales through increased communication
  • Comply with quality, safety, and operational standards
  • Send emergency announcements
  • Announce training and gather sign-ups

How can you improve communication?

Our Mass Text and Voice Messaging Service Will Help You Contact Hundreds—Or Thousands—Of Phones At Once

One Call Now’s mass voice and texting system enables you to send one message to hundreds or thousands of mobile phones simultaneously. You’ll never have to repeatedly send the same message to different people within the same group. Recipients also know immediately that the message comes from an important source. Our service is useful, efficient, and quick.

And it’s convenient. With mass text and voice notifications you can store messages for future use if you need to contact the same people on a regular basis. We also offer customization options, allowing users to create subgroups and organize contacts.

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