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How It Works

Curious about the process for setting up an account or sending a message?
Download this free PDF document with screenshots and step-by-step information.

Would you like to know more about the process for setting up your account, or how you would send a message?

Infographic: Account Setup and Message Send

One Call Now’s group messaging services give you access to automated tools that send your text, voice, and email messages to any size group. It turns your phone or your computer into a mass-messaging powerhouse.

  • It’s simple: Create an account and designate contact groups.
  • It’s fast: Send messages to a just a few contacts or to thousands—in minutes.
  • It’s reliable: Trust in a 100% uptime guarantee. Messages hit their targets.
  • It’s valuable: We can deliver mass-messaging services to any budget.
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Download, Type or Record, Choose, Send - How One Call Now Works

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We are packed with features that add limitless value to your new automated notification solution. And all of our features focus on sending your communication through the right channels and to the right contacts.

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PDF Download: How It Works - Setting Up Your Account

Would you like to know more about the process for setting up your account, or how you would send a message?  Here we have provided a PDF document with screenshots and step by step information.

Download the PDF
  • “We can reach more customers with fewer people. In reality, sometimes we send out 10,000 calls in one day. There’s no way the people in our department could dial and contact that many people in one day without One Call Now.”

    - Tran Le, Senior Analyst Information Technology and Services, Constellation Energy, an Exelon Company
  • “It’s been wonderful. It’s been such a life saver for our department and has saved so much money. I would probably need another full-time person just to make phone calls. One person in the office couldn’t possibly call all the employees.”

    - Melinda McBride-Plawecki, supplemental staffing department administrative manager - Community Healthcare System
  • “Elkland Search and Rescue, a nonprofit Search and Rescue team in Pennsylvania is very happy with One Call Now's service. We are able to activate all of our search team members in the matter of a few minutes of an emergency call out. This has greatly reduced our response time to an emergency situation. Being a nonprofit organization and the cost of pagers for activation of our members, the One Call Now system is a much more cost effective resource for our team!”

    - John Feldbauer, Chief - Elkland Search and Rescue
  • “They really like the system. Principals used to make three to five calls at a time, so they love the fact that I make one call and it’s done – they just love it”

    - Dr. Tom Henderson, Superintendent of Centerville City Schools
  • “Your system is wonderful! I love the simplicity of the system and the powerful ability to retrieve message reports. Thanks for the great product at a very reasonable price!”

    - Shawn N., Pastor - Salem Mennonite Church
  • “I've called from hospitals, my car, and even from another state to deliver important messages to my congregation. It has taken a lot of stress off of the leadership team. I feel like is has even improved attendance at church events.”

    - David S., Pastor - Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • “The system has already shown great success with our county DATs, helping us engage more volunteers, mentor new ones, and serve clients more quickly. With the help of One Call Now, our response time in February was the second best in nine years.”

    - Red Cross Pennsylvania
  • “Most of the time we use One Call Now to send a message for an immediate shift opening, but it’s great for getting out other announcements and reminders also, such as time changes”

    - Jessica Kluyov, Director of Operations at Towne Nursing Staff, inc.
  • “The more comfortable the users are becoming with it, the more they are able to find new ways to utilize it. The biggest benefit is the real time notifications. We deal with multiple residents in each building. Winter can be terrible in Minnesota, and the system notifies residents immediately about snow plowing.”

    - Travis Guza, Director of IT StuartCo
  • “One Call Now is easy to set up, gets information to our patrons faster and will save us $100,000 this year!”

    - Barb Kuhns, Asst. Director for IT Services - Dayton Metro Library