One Call Now Features

Group communication is about to become the easiest part of your day.

The Heart Of A Communication Industry Leader

One Call Now’s features add limitless value to our automated notification systems. And all of those features focus on sending your communication through the right channels and to the right contacts. They make automated notification reliable, simple, and secure.

  • Download custom mobile apps for message senders and receivers.
  • Choose mass messaging of all kinds whether it’s voice, text, or email.
  • Benefit from unlimited notifications for one affordable, annual price.
  • Upload contacts from spreadsheet files and integrate with database programs.
  • Enhance message delivery with sequence dialing, quota calling, and real-time reporting.
  • Rest assured with data security built into all features and options.

This is just the beginning. One Call Now offers a host of automated notification features to enhance your group communication. Click on the icons below to learn more.

How can you improve communication?


Green icon of two message bubbles

Unlimited Messaging

Plans include unlimited calls, texts, push notifications, and emails for one annual price; no-per call or long-distance charges.

Green icon of a filled-in line chart

Flexibility: Send messages in multiple formats according to the urgency of the situation and the preference of the contact.

Choose text message, push notification, phone call, social media feed, or mobile app.

Green icon of a mobile phone

Smartphone Apps

Receive free smartphone apps for sending or receiving messages.

Green icon of three people. One in front, two in back.

Contacts Import

Upload contacts from csv or spreadsheet files, or by exporting or integrating with an existing database program such as Salesforce or Outlook.

Green icon of a mobile phone with message bubbles on the screen

Targeting Messages to the Right Contacts

Create contact subgroups for customizing your message audience—from one contact to thousands. Prevents irrelevant messages going to your entire contact list. You can create an unlimited number of subgroups (not true for all competitors). You can choose a filter field to dynamically create a group (all residents that live on Spring Street) to send a message.

Green icon of a mobile phone projecting out signal lines


Don’t like the sound of your own voice? Our text-to-speech feature converts typed text to an audio file and delivers a natural-sounding voice message (multiple voices to choose from).

Green icon of a clock

Real-time Reporting

See continuous status updates as soon as your message is sent: Know who was successfully reached, responses to polling questions, and erroneous phone numbers.

Green icon of wifi signal strength

Audio Library

Pre-record messages and save them for use any time. These are great for standard messages and reoccurring events.

Green icon of a single person's head and shoulders

Caller ID

Select the caller ID you want displayed to your contact when your message is delivered.

Green icon showing a dot then a line depicting a menu or multiple messages

Generous message lengths

Have a lot to say? Make sure you consider the allowable message lengths. Ours are the most generous in the industry (vary by plan).

Green icon of three people. One in front, two in back.

Gathering contact information on your website

Our self-update banner feature allows you to place a banner on your website where contacts can register to receive messages from you and update their contact information.

Green icon of a line chart with an arrow transitioning upwards

Hot Transfer

Allows calls to be transferred at the end of your message to a live operator at a telephone number you specify. You control the call pacing so your incoming lines are never overloaded. You can even pause a message and resume it at a later time to control call flow. You can also redirect the calls to your conference line for immediate discussion or meeting.

Green icon of two message bubbles one covering the other. The top message bubble holding a menu icon.

Message Customization

You can insert fields from an external data source into your messages to customize them with names, dates, appointment times, or any other custom field that exists in the data source.

Green icon of a clock with a line-graph style arrow transitioning upwards

Real-time Polling

Record a message requesting a keypad response (press 1 for yes, press 2 for no) from contacts in order to get instant feedback. Use it for short surveys as well. Responses are immediately available in real-time reports.

Dark green icon of an old style telephone handset

Call Scheduling

Schedule a message delivery either online or by phone and have your message delivered at a later date or time.

Green icon of a cargo truck

PIN Delivery

Requires recipients to enter a PIN to receive a message—confirms receipt and maintains confidentiality.

Dark green icon of an old style telephone handset

Quota Calling

Sends calls until a predetermined number of contacts respond via their keypads. For example, if you are recruiting for a shift and need five nurses, the calls continue until five contacts respond (via the keypad) that they can work. Eliminates excessive calls once recruitment is complete.

Dark green icon of an old style telephone handset

Sequence Dialing

Delivers calls in a predefined sequence (allows the notification process to comply with an organization’s protocol or policy).

Green icon of a cloud containing a white arrow pointing upwards

“Answerflex” (our name for the feature)

Manage what to do if a machine or voicemail answers: Always deliver your message (or an alternate message), never deliver to a machine, or only deliver to a machine after a specified time of day.

Green icon of a the Earth showing the North American continent

International Calling

Call any country in the world from anywhere in the United States.

Green icon of a laptop


Text and email messages can be translated into more than 50 different languages.