5 Steps to Improving Staffing Communication

You exchange a multitude of important information with your staff every day. But how you communicate that information can mean the difference between an efficient, streamlined process and a waste of everyone’s time. Whether you’re sending out calls for open shifts or conducting a simple staff survey, One Call Now can help you maximize productivity while minimizing […]

Five Routine Uses for Mass Notification Technology

Once used only in emergencies, organizations of all types and sizes are now recognizing the numerous benefits of using mass notification technology for routine messages. Here are five of our favorites: IT Alerts A mass notification service can be utilized for notification of virtually any IT-related issue. Whether your network is down (unexpectedly or for […]

Three Steps to Be Prepared for an Emergency in Healthcare

Once a crisis hits, it’s too late to decide on a plan of action. Keeping people safe and keeping the reputation of your hospital in good shape means knowing what to do long before you need to do it. Here’s what you need to know to keep a crisis from becoming a complete disaster. 1. […]

Follow-up to Build a Track Record of Ethical Behavior

You can’t control every communication your staff has with current or prospective residents. Nor can you control how others interpret what you and your staff have said. But you can take steps to establish a track record of ethical behavior towards every prospective resident. Follow-up communications help confirm Fair Housing compliance. Follow-up communications give you […]

Tackling Preventative Maintenance from Two Perspectives

Tune up your property and fine tune your processes This maintenance season, some of your most effective chores may extend beyond your maintenance staff. Here’s a look at preventative maintenance from two perspectives: your property and your processes. Tune up your property… Water damage is costly. Examine and clean roofs and gutters. Water that collects […]

So Many Apps, So Little Time

Look for app-ortunities that make life easier for you and your residents. I have a friend who’s nuts about apps. He’s always downloading the latest and greatest. Whenever we meet, he tells me about a new one he’s found. The last time we talked, he said, “So many apps, so little time.” That was a […]

Communication Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

It’s a fact; senior living facilities face a broad spectrum of ongoing challenges. From staffing, safety, and resident retention to budgeting, funding, and accreditation—the issues are unrelenting. In addition, facility administrators continuously grapple with the challenge of effectively communicating with staff, residents and families. Communications shouldn’t be an issue… they should be a solution. Here […]