3… 2… 1… Cook Off!

  It’s that time of year! Cook-offs everywhere are starting their initial planning stages. In this industry, cook-offs are a great way to engage your residents and to get your whole community involved in something yummy. ‘Tis the season for chili. If you do a quick Google search, millions of results appear for award winning chili […]

Top 10 Apartment Resident Complaints…and What You Can Do About Them

What would you give for a peek inside the minds of your residents? Thanks to the results of a recent apartment resident customer satisfaction survey from leading marketing research firm J Turner Research, you may be closer to understanding than you think.  Let’s take a closer look at the study findings, along with what they mean […]

Understanding the Importance of Senior Resident Engagement

As people enter into their senior years — 55 and up — they often become limited in their mobility or their ability to take care of themselves without help. Because of this, many of them opt for senior care communities. These communities are also well known for being accommodating to seniors who are in good health. […]

Three Ways to Deal with Difficult Residents

Every property manager has faced them at one point or another: terrible residents. Whether they blare loud music, are constantly late with the rent, or cause property damage, there are endless ways for residents to make your life — and the lives of their neighbors — more difficult. While you can’t always change the way […]

Step Away From the Giant Bird Suit. . .

It’s the beginning of budget season, which likely means you’re considering how to spend your dollars for optimal impact during the 2016 year. For most residential property managers, this involves putting one critical endeavor above all else: filling your occupancy. Unfortunately, there are pitfalls as well as opportunities for progress when it comes to this […]

Red, White and Boom! How to Avoid Those July Fourth Disasters

Over the Fourth of July holiday, families and friends come together to celebrate the nation’s founding; however, for property managers of residential apartment communities, it’s a time for vigilance against the many types of accidents and incidents that can occur when people congregate and celebrations get out of hand. To keep Independence Day in your […]

Best Practices for a Fun, Successful Pool Opening

Warmer days and a lot of sunshine means it’s almost time to get your community’s pool open, so residents can start enjoying it. Before you do that, though, make sure the pool is really ready to accommodate swimmers. A pool opening can be fun and successful, if you do some prep work beforehand. Otherwise, you […]

Reducing Bed Bug Infestations

A resurgence in bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) across the country has occurred. Hotels, schools, movie theaters, retail establishments, and other public areas have been hit hard. Bed bugs can easily move from a public space into your home, apartment, or student dorm — these tiny insects love to travel. Fortunately, if your living space does […]

A Better Way to Communicate with Residents

If you’re like most property managers, you’ve developed a method for communicating with your residents. You may not stop to think about how successfully it works. You are probably more concerned with making sure you notify every resident about emergencies, utility outages, or maintenance work that affects the whole community. Maybe it’s time to think […]