What churches are telling us…about today and tomorrow

Churches have always been an important part of our mission here at One Call Now, and for years, we have tried our best to do everything we can to stay attuned to their needs and provide them a reliable, affordable set of notification tools. In turn, these churches have rewarded us with their loyalty and […]

Church in Your Pajamas

I suspect some people reading the headline above may be a little taken aback by the mental image of a worship experience while wearing their pajamas. If that’s the case, let’s mute that image a bit, but has “Church in your pajamas” become a new reality? As I cited in a recent blog, changing technology […]

2015 is here! Are you “going mobile”?

We “marketing types” are always studying the stats…the national trends. We do this, of course, with a keen eye toward understanding which emerging technologies and services will best serve our clients. One intriguing topic for us for some time now has been “mobile technology.” Who’s going mobile? Are you? How much? Sure, it’s easy to […]