It’s Free, Cool, Easy, and Waaaay Underused

When you wanna know now, use the Polling feature anywhere you are.  Want to know if your group would prefer to meet Tuesday or Wednesday? Need to fill a shift and don’t have time to make a lot of phone calls? Need to get volunteers for a last-minute project? With One Call Now’s Polling feature, […]

6 Ways One Call Now Can Streamline Staffing Communications

You exchange a multitude of important information with your staff every day. But how you choose to communicate that information can mean the difference between an efficient, streamlined process and a waste of everyone’s time. Whether you’re sending out calls for open shifts or conducting a simple staff survey, One Call Now can help you […]

“That Happened Before I Got Here”

What do you do when you inherit a mess? “Well, I inherited a real mess here.” That’s the response I got to the How’s-it-going? greeting I gave a new property manager at a well-established managed community. She continued, “Property management before me left under suspicious circumstances. The one before her developed contentious relationships with the board, […]