Are Your Employee Communications Up to the Task?

People today have more means than ever through which to communicate with each other. But more isn’t necessarily better—at least not when it comes to staying connecting with your employees. Why not? Because having more channels from which to choose also means more potential ways things can go wrong. Hence the need for careful and […]

Does Your Business Have a Product Recall Communication Plan in Place?

Product recalls can go one of two ways. In the first, worst-case scenario, a product is determined to be dangerous or defective; its manufacturer ignores or reacts sluggishly to the issue; people are unnecessarily put at risk; and consumer trust is irreparably damaged. In the best-case alternative, meanwhile, the manufacturer assumes responsibility; takes quick action; […]

Email: Friend or Foe to Today’s Organizations?

While email is one of the most common communication channels in the workplace, most workers are oversaturated with emails and spend an average of 90 minutes a day reading and responding to their email. Explore the pros and cons of email in the workplace to ensure communications are efficient and workers can stay productive and […]