Infographic The Evolution of Communication

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Evolution of Communication: Prehistory to the 15th Century

Evolution of Communication is our latest ebook that explores the development of human communication methods from prehistoric times until today. This is the first of a three-part blog series that highlights the in-depth information available in that publication. Ever wonder how our methods of communication got to where they are today? I don’t know many […]

2015 is here! Are you “going mobile”?

We “marketing types” are always studying the stats…the national trends. We do this, of course, with a keen eye toward understanding which emerging technologies and services will best serve our clients. One intriguing topic for us for some time now has been “mobile technology.” Who’s going mobile? Are you? How much? Sure, it’s easy to […]

“That Happened Before I Got Here”

What do you do when you inherit a mess? “Well, I inherited a real mess here.” That’s the response I got to the How’s-it-going? greeting I gave a new property manager at a well-established managed community. She continued, “Property management before me left under suspicious circumstances. The one before her developed contentious relationships with the board, […]

Plowing Through the Frightful Weather Outside

If snow is in your forecast, a snow removal policy is a must-have for your tool box. If you have a policy, compliance can still be a hassle, so maybe it’s time to revise it. 1. Publish and distribute your snow removal policy. Let your residents know what to expect when it snows. Spell out: […]

Record Growth, Awards Cap Off Year for One Call Now

One Call Now, the Nation’s Largest and Fastest Growing Notification Service Provider, Serving 55 Million Americans, reports another record year of growth in 2012. Once again the company made Inc. magazine’s “Inc5000,” honoring the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. As a five-time honoree, One Call Now was added to Inc.’s “Honor Roll,” a distinction few companies […]

Housing Inspections-The Brilliance of a No-Surprises Strategy

I once had a boss who told me it was my job to make sure he was never surprised. I thought that was odd, but over time I realized it was brilliant… because nobody likes a bad surprise. When it comes to student housing inspections, it’s likely that nothing would surprise your team. But your […]