Are You Ready For The New Emergency Communication Law Headed Your Way?

The countdown is officially on for all Medicare and Medicaid healthcare providers and suppliers. If you’re asking yourself, “Countdown to what?” you’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the scoop on a forthcoming emergency communication law with the potential to dramatically impact your organization’s emergency preparedness when it takes effect in November of […]

Do You Know What’s Headed Your Way This Winter?

It’s time to put those flip-flops away once and for all. Because whether you like it or not, winter’s coming, and it looks like might be a doozy. Let’s take a closer look—with a little help from the experts—at what weather to expect in the weeks and months ahead. Bundle Up, East Coast! While the […]

Crisis Leadership

In the event of a crisis, do you already have a plan? Have you shared this plan with your staff? Do you periodically execute your plan to ensure familiarity amongst your employees? Think Fast, Work Smart, and Make Informed Decisions Have you ever wondered how first responders are able to calmly and effectively deal with […]

How to Implement a Winter Weather Emergency Communication Plan

Whether you are responsible for communicating with 100 people or 1,000, effective communication is essential. Being able to communicate with your contacts quickly and efficiently is especially important during times of high stress or danger, especially in the middle of winter. In order to ensure the safety of your people, you need to develop a practical communication plan […]

How to Craft an Employee Communications Plan for Inclement Weather

While it may be an extreme example, the October floods in South Carolina show the importance of having an emergency communications plan for inclement weather. And with the winter months quickly approaching, ice and snow in some areas of the country can impact employees’ ability to get to work safely. It’s not just floods and blizzards. All […]