Non-English? Non-Spanish? What About the Gap?

My son’s classmate had some great stories when he returned to the US from a nine-month total immersion foreign-language study program. Most were about his struggles with the language… how a mispronounced word or voice inflection dramatically changed meanings and create some awkward situations. That made me wonder… what is the impact on non-English speaking […]

Email: Friend or Foe to Today’s Organizations?

While email is one of the most common communication channels in the workplace, most workers are oversaturated with emails and spend an average of 90 minutes a day reading and responding to their email. Explore the pros and cons of email in the workplace to ensure communications are efficient and workers can stay productive and […]

You talkin’ to me? No soup for you!

School newsletters are going out yet again reminding parents to pay their kids’ school fees for the year. They’re due in September… it’s now April and most schools are thousands of dollars short. That’s a lot of money and I’m sure many of the parents who owe fees don’t realize that they’re the ones who […]

Infographic The Evolution of Communication

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Evolution of Communication: 1960s to 2015

Evolution of Communication is our latest ebook that explores the development of human communication methods from prehistoric times until today. This is the final blog of a three-part series that highlights the in-depth information available in that publication. If you were born in the 80s, you were growing up as some of the following inventions […]