Communities Of Faith Grant

One Call Now is excited to announce that applications are now being accepted from all faith-based organizations for a two-year grant for free communication services. Connectivity – reliable, efficient, ongoing communication – is essential to the engagement and retention of congregants in any community of faith. One Call Now makes it easy for faith-based communities to […]

Congregations Spreading the Love

Valentine’s Day is just weeks away. Now is the time to plan your congregation’s celebration. Consider new ways to spread the love with your members, and the community at large. Valentine’s Day may be thought of as a day of romance, but faith-based communities can spend the day reaching out and engaging with their communities. […]

Vacation Bible School Promotion and Communication, Part One

What strikes simultaneous fear and joy in the hearts of church staff and volunteers this time of year? Yep, you guessed it, Vacation Bible School (VBS). Anyone who has been a part of planning VBS knows the vast amount of time, resources and imagination that go into making these events memorable experiences for kids. Unfortunately, […]

Three Reasons Automated Messages Keep Your Congregation Engaged

With competition from other activities, summer is when many churches are grappling with keeping members in pews. This makes it a perfect time for your church to renew its commitment to communicate with its flock. Creating communications that engage the entire congregation may seem out of reach. “My congregation is so diverse,” you might worry. […]

Funeral Communication and Coordination

Most church announcements are a joy to share—the youth group is planning a mission trip or the parish capital campaign reached it’s goals. Other annoucements, like the death of a congregant, are not only difficult emotionally, but difficult logistically as well. We hear from many of our church clients that the challenges of funeral announcements […]