Reaching Your Community with Vacation Bible School (VBS)

It’s that time of year again, time to plan and promote this summer’s VBS! VBS is a major undertaking, but one of the most important outreach campaigns a church does during the year. Many new members and families begin as VBS attendees. According to Lifeway Facts & Trends, over 2.5 million people enrolled in VBS […]

Video: Meet Pastor Tom!

Does your church need help overcoming the communication conundrum? One Call Now is a simple, but powerful online group messaging service. Our service allows you to text, call, email and post to social media in one easy step. Over 10,000 churches use our group voice, text and email service for sending every-day and emergency messages, […]

Using Technology to Stop the Membership Slide

Most conversations about church communications focus on two groups: New visitors, whom the church hopes to transform into members with sincere, friendly messaging and outreach, and committed members, who need updates on events, schedule changes, and general church life. There is a third, less obvious group. They may be regular attendees or even members. They may […]

2015 is here! Are you “going mobile”?

We “marketing types” are always studying the stats…the national trends. We do this, of course, with a keen eye toward understanding which emerging technologies and services will best serve our clients. One intriguing topic for us for some time now has been “mobile technology.” Who’s going mobile? Are you? How much? Sure, it’s easy to […]