The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Communication

According to a survey of 400 large companies, poor communication costs companies an average of $62.4 million a year. Avoiding common communication pitfalls now can save you a lot of headaches later. Do’s 1. Use voice messaging platforms like One Call Now, which allow you to instantly send a recording of your voice to other […]

Honoring our Veterans

We Honor Them The phrase has captured the imagination ever since Tom Brokaw’s 1998 book of the same title. “The Greatest Generation” describes that generation which grew up during the Great Depression, went on to fight and support World War II, and returned home to build the nation through the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There’s […]

Employer Provided Cell Phones Make Emergency Employee Communication Easier

In an emergency situation, every second counts. You don’t have time to organize or make decisions; that is why planning ahead is vital. Providing cell phones to your employees and instituting a clear-cut policy regarding emergency situations will increase employee safety and boost employee morale. There are several things you can do to get the […]

The Evolution of Business Communication

Face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, intercom systems and memos—early business communication was at times tenuous and the message didn’t always reach its intended recipient, in a timely manner, anyway. Over time, communications methods became more refined, and now with a click of a mouse, or a quick finger swipe on a smartphone, anyone can send a message to numerous recipients at once. […]

Four Ways to Improve Employee Crisis Communication

In April 2013, Boston authorities told residents to stay indoors while the search for one of the Boston Marathon bombers was carried out. The order came early in the morning on a Friday, just as people were getting ready to leave for work. As businesses learned of the shelter-in-place order, many told employees to stay home. But […]

How to Craft an Employee Communications Plan for Inclement Weather

While it may be an extreme example, the October floods in South Carolina show the importance of having an emergency communications plan for inclement weather. And with the winter months quickly approaching, ice and snow in some areas of the country can impact employees’ ability to get to work safely. It’s not just floods and blizzards. All […]

Elkland Search and Rescue

“Elkland Search and Rescue, a nonprofit Search and Rescue team in Pennsylvania is very happy with One Call Now’s communication service for nonprofits. We are able to activate all of our search team members in the matter of a few minutes of an emergency call out. This has greatly reduced our response time to an […]

Community Healthcare System

“It’s been wonderful. It’s been such a life saver for our department and has saved so much money. I would probably need another full-time person just to make phone calls. One person in the office couldn’t possibly call all the employees.” Melinda McBride-Plawecki, supplemental staffing department administrative manager Community Healthcare System