The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Communication

According to a survey of 400 large companies, poor communication costs companies an average of $62.4 million a year. Avoiding common communication pitfalls now can save you a lot of headaches later. Do’s 1. Use voice messaging platforms like One Call Now, which allow you to instantly send a recording of your voice to other […]

Workplace Violence: A Look Beyond the Numbers

Sadly, all you need to do is turn on the nightly news to see yet another instance of workplace violence. While it’s easy to push aside news of these incidents with the justification, “It can’t/won’t happen here,” the fact is that workplace violence can and does happen to unsuspecting organizations—and often for no immediately discernable […]

3 Tips to Make Your Business Continuity Plan a Success

A solid business continuity plan will ensure that your business not only survives any type of emergency, but thrives in the face of unforeseen challenges. However, simply putting a plan together isn’t sufficient for success. You must be proactive before an adverse event occurs, rather than reactive when the event is happening. 1. Create a […]

Part IV – Workplace Violence: Making Communication Count During a Crisis

In the first segment of our four-part blog on workplace violence, we detailed the financial cost to Virginia Tech following the campus massacre which killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in 2007. What we didn’t mention? The determination by a state panel following the shooting that had an alert been issued earlier or classes […]

Workplace Violence: Why You Need a Crisis Management Team

In the first part of our “Workplace Violence” blog series, we discussed this troubling and increasingly prevalent issue of workplace violence, along with highlighting the importance of being prepared for a very real yet unpredictable violent scenario taking place in your workplace. Which begs the question: How do you plan for something you can’t anticipate? The fact […]

Workplace Violence: A Look at the Numbers

Earlier this year 38-year-old Cedric Larry Ford killed four and wounded 14 others in a chaotic workplace shooting spree in Kansas. Investigators at the time were unclear of the shooter’s motive—only that there were “some things that triggered this particular individual.” While it’s easy to push aside news of these incidents with the justification, “It […]

The Communication Illusion: How to Improve Communication in Your Business

As Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once declared, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” And while these words of wisdom may have been spoken many decades ago, they still resonate today—especially in the business world. Increasingly, employees are becoming discouraged and unhappy with their jobs due to […]

Communication Counts: Five Famous “What Ifs”

In the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, The Captain famously tells prisoner Luke, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Fans of the classic film know this doesn’t end well. But egregious communication failures don’t just happen in the movies. Here we count down five catastrophes which might have been avoided through today’s advanced […]

6 Ways One Call Now Can Streamline Staffing Communications

You exchange a multitude of important information with your staff every day. But how you choose to communicate that information can mean the difference between an efficient, streamlined process and a waste of everyone’s time. Whether you’re sending out calls for open shifts or conducting a simple staff survey, One Call Now can help you […]

Crisis Leadership & Emergency Responses

Thinking beyond the plan… a finely-tuned execution makes a good plan great! The midst of a crisis is not the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. People will be caught off guard. Some will panic. In most instances, there will be chaos and confusion. Dealing effectively with crises, demands leadership, planned responses […]