3 Tips for Gaining Control in an Emergency

I saw a news story about how first responders prepare for the unexpected. One official said, “We need to stay familiar with the tools and procedures that are not part of our day-to-day operations. During an emergency, we need to have as much control over the situation as possible.” Now that got me thinking… When […]

Crisis Leadership & Emergency Responses

Thinking beyond the plan… a finely-tuned execution makes a good plan great! The midst of a crisis is not the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. People will be caught off guard. Some will panic. In most instances, there will be chaos and confusion. Dealing effectively with crises, demands leadership, planned responses […]

So Many Apps, So Little Time

Look for app-ortunities that make life easier for you and your residents. I have a friend who’s nuts about apps. He’s always downloading the latest and greatest. Whenever we meet, he tells me about a new one he’s found. The last time we talked, he said, “So many apps, so little time.” That was a […]

‘Tis the Season… For Maintenance!

Spring has sprung and so have leaks, cracks, weeds, you name it! Spring has sprung… it’s maintenance season! After the winter thaw come the winds, the rain, the leaky pipes and roofs, the cracked paint, the weed surge, the potholes, need I say more? It’s a time when property maintenance becomes a frantic rush to […]

The Push to Reduce Readmissions

Practical Tools for the Front Line If you work in a hospital, you’re working to help patients fight the good fight for their health. You’re also on the front lines of a battle that’s happening in hospitals across the country. You’re involved in a huge campaign to reduce readmissions… and the pressure is on. What’s […]

If You Hate Surprises…You might be a property manager!

If You Hate Surprises… You might be a property manager! OK, we’ll leave the comedy to Jeff Foxworthy. However, daily “surprises” are the bane of nearly all apartment management staff. One of the worst surprises is unexpected turnover… losses that could have been prevented if you had only known there were problems. In a 2011 […]

Reducing Resident Complaints May Be Easier Than You Think

We’re hardwired for the negative, but reducing resident complaints may be easier than you think. Recently a property manager asked me, “Why does one problem overshadow all the things we do right around here?” Hmmm… an interesting conundrum. So I did a little research and here’s what I found. Our brains are hardwired to react […]

“That Happened Before I Got Here”

What do you do when you inherit a mess? “Well, I inherited a real mess here.” That’s the response I got to the How’s-it-going? greeting I gave a new property manager at a well-established managed community. She continued, “Property management before me left under suspicious circumstances. The one before her developed contentious relationships with the board, […]

Plowing Through the Frightful Weather Outside

If snow is in your forecast, a snow removal policy is a must-have for your tool box. If you have a policy, compliance can still be a hassle, so maybe it’s time to revise it. 1. Publish and distribute your snow removal policy. Let your residents know what to expect when it snows. Spell out: […]