One Call Now Notification System Puts An End To Lunch Shaming

The Hayward Unified School District, with more than 20,000 students in 31 schools in San Francisco’s East Bay, knew it needed a new approach to notifying families about owed balances for school lunches. The district used mailed notices to notify families to apply for free and reduced-price lunches or to pay outstanding balances. In some […]

Package Season is Here… Are You Ready?

It’s that time of year when rental offices everywhere overflow with packages for residents. Sorting them and notifying residents can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. However, there are ways to streamline the process. The Survey Says… According to a recent survey from NMHC/Kinsley, apartment communities can get up to 100 packages every week. When the holidays […]

The Power of One Call Now: How it Works

Take a minute to view our new video explaining the power of One Call Now. Pass it on to others who could benefit from an effective, inexpensive group communication solution. One Call Now – How It Works from One Call Now on Vimeo. To learn more, check out our article, One Call Now, How it […]

The Communication Hack that Could Save Your Organization Hours of Time

Especially during political seasons, I often hear friends complain about getting numerous automated calls, often referred to as “robocalls”.  Unfortunately, frustration with robocalls can interfere with general understanding of the underlying technology delivering them. While most robocalls are an annoyance, the technology used to deliver them has incredible potential to deliver messages that are urgent, […]

Three Reasons Automated Messages Keep Your Congregation Engaged

With competition from other activities, summer is when many churches are grappling with keeping members in pews. This makes it a perfect time for your church to renew its commitment to communicate with its flock. Creating communications that engage the entire congregation may seem out of reach. “My congregation is so diverse,” you might worry. […]

What Everyone Can Learn from Robocalling

For millions of Americans, the arrival of election season means the chance to cast their votes and have a say in the country’s governance. But it can also mean something far less auspicious at the same time: Robocalls. Unfortunately, frustration with robocalls can interfere with general understanding of the underlying technology delivering them. While most […]

Shopping for a Notification Service for your Church

From storms to terrorism, there’s been no shortage of high-profile crisis situations in the news of late. Many nonprofits are either shopping for a group messaging service or evaluating the one they currently use. As a veteran of the communication industry, I often get asked whether or not there is really much difference between one […]

Robocalls vs. Automated Voice Messages: What Gives?

Answering the phone and hearing the familiar voice of a far-off friend is one of life’s great small pleasures. Conversely, a ring that turns out to be a prerecorded, unsolicited “robocall,” can be one of life’s greatest frustrations. Have you ever stopped to wonder what differentiates these nuisance calls from other types of automated notification […]