Stop Hanging Flyers!

One Call Now Webinar - Stop Hanging Flyers

Say Hello to Simple, On Demand, Communications

Resident communications doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective.

If your communication strategy consists of flyers and mailers, maybe it’s time rethink your approach. With all of the advances in technology, why allocate precious time and resources on distributing flyers? Flyers can easily be blown away or tossed aside, so the chances of conveying your message automatically decreases as soon as you hit ‘print’.

There is a better way! Automated notifications via phone call, text message and email have changed the resident communication landscape. From towing alerts to maintenance reminders, you can easily keep your residents in the know.

In this online event, you will learn how technology can help you:

  • Connect with residents more effectively
  • Build better resident relationships and increase satisfaction
  • Alert all of your residents in an emergency situation
  • Drive and maintain resident retention
  • Send maintenance or rent reminders with a click of a button
  • Much more!

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