One Call Now Offers Active Shooter Educational Webinar in Partnership with Strategos International

One Call Now invites business leaders, school personnel, healthcare teams, and others to register for a free webinar on how to effectively respond and communicate in an active shooter situation.

Dayton, Ohio, January 20, 2017—

Unfortunately active shooter situations are not limited to television shows, movies, and books – they’re real-life threats that could happen anywhere, anytime. It is imperative that businesses, healthcare organizations, and schools know how to respond in the event of an emergency. One Call Now and Strategos International have teamed up to the bridge the gap between when active shooter scenarios begin and when law enforcement arrive. The webinar “Active Shooter: What to Do Before the Police Arrive” will present potentially life-saving strategies for dealing with these crucial moments.

Participants will learn how to prevent, report, and protect themselves and their students or employees during active shooter situations. Not only will the presentation address responses during an incident such as lockdown and communication, but it will also examine the history of active shooters, behavioral pre-cursors, and threat assessments to try to recognize problems early on.

Topics covered will also include: the “3 OUT” Intruder Response Model, how to implement an effective lockdown through gross motor skills when locks are not available, what to do if lockdown is failing, the pros and cons of securing in place versus locking down, how to use improvised weapons during a lockdown failure, and how to communicate during and after a lockdown situation. The team at Strategos International has trained and consulted with more than 85,000 professionals in different industries on how to respond in non-medical emergency situations such as active shooter incidents.

One Call Now is proud to offer its innovative mass communication services and expertise as part of this educational webinar. Communication during emergencies is critical to convey essential

information to law enforcement personnel, provide instructions to those affected, and share updates with individuals outside the immediate area. One Call Now provides voice call, text, and email services that are fast, easy, and efficient, making them ideal not only for normal use, but also in emergency situations.

Individuals interested in learning more about how to be proactive and respond effectively during an active shooter scenario are encouraged to register for this free online learning event. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 3 p.m. EST. It is free to attend but space is limited, so reserve a spot today. Register online and learn more about this amazing training opportunity.

One Call Now is America’s largest message notification provider. Thousands of schools, businesses, faith communities, and organizations across the country rely on One Call Now to improve and simplify their group’s communications— sending voice, text and email messages to thousands of members simultaneously. Founded in 2002, One Call Now has been listed on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing privately held companies in America since 2008. When messages matter, we deliver.

Strategos International has trained and consulted over 85,000 government, corporate, school, faith-based, law enforcement, military, church, and security professionals since 2002.  Our staff members possess many different types of expertise along a wide array of school security, tactical, live-fire, corporate/church security, emergency preparedness, risk management and organizational development topics.  Contact Vaughn Baker for more information:

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