Intruder Awareness and Response

One Call Now Webinare - Intruder Awareness and Response

Protect, Inform and Engage Your Congregants

What would you do in the event of an intruder?

Instilling the mindset of “See Something, Say Something” has always been important in preventing harm from happening to others. While this has mainly been spoken about in public settings, it’s time to foster that approach in places of worship.

We have partnered with church security leader, Strategos International, to bring you an educational webinar on how to gauge and respond to potential and threatening intruder situations.

Webinar Partner: Strategos International

In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • How to assess the risk of violence to your organization
  • The importance of “Awareness” in relation to prevention and mitigation
  • Church lock-down protocols and principles
  • Recognizing traits of suspicious behavior and armed individuals
  • Verbal conflict management and de-escalation
  • Best practices in communicating emergency situations.


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