Active Shooter: What to Do Before the Police Arrive

Active Shooter: What to do before the police arrive. Black background text on the left and a graphic photo of a man with cracks over his face as if he is made of pottery.

One Call Now and Strategos International have partnered again to bring you a crucial and timely online learning event.

This presentation is designed to provide an overview to bridge the gap between responding officers and workplace, healthcare and school personnel in an active shooter situation. The course is designed to assist these personnel in their ability to: prevent; report; and protect themselves and their students from an active shooter during the critical moments while waiting for a police presence to arrive and what to expect from the officers once they are on scene.

This presentation will also provide an overview and historical examination of active shooters; an examination of lessons learned; behavioral pre-cursors; threat assessments; facility lockdowns; what to do when a lockdown fails and rapid deployment response by law enforcement personnel.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The “3 OUT” Intruder Response Model
  • Achieving “Lockdown” without locks and utilizing only gross motor skills
  • When “Lockdown” is failing, what you should do next
  • The pros and cons of “Securing in Place” vs. “Locking Down”
  • “Lockdown” failure utilizing improvised weapons in a non-permissive environment
  • Communication strategies for during and after “Lockdown” incidents

About Strategos International

Strategos International has trained and consulted over 85,000 government, corporate, school, faith-based, law enforcement, military, church, and security professionals since 2002.  Our staff members possess many different types of expertise along a wide array of school security, tactical, live-fire, corporate/church security, emergency preparedness, risk management and organizational development topics.

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