Best Practices For Texting Customers

For today’s forward-thinking enterprises. It’s an opportunity to effectively and inexpensively communicate with customers in a way that gets their attention. But while it’s simple in concept, the execution is not. In order to truly harness the power of SMS, you need the right strategies in place.

Are you liable? What you need to know about winter weather communications.

What you need to know about winter weather communications. Your organization closes due to inclement weather (or it should be closed). Your employees may not be aware about the facility closure, so they go to work anyway. On the way in, one of your employees gets in an accident. Are you and your company liable […]

One Call Now Gets the Word Out for Childcare Centers

Use One Call Now to automate your ATTENDANCE calls Notification systems play a key role in a good overall communication plan for educational institutions, and there are significant differences between services. Whether you are dealing with weather warnings, fundraisers, or payment reminders, evaluate the options and make sure your communication needs are covered.

Yardi Voyager® Integration

Send Automated Rent Reminders With The One Call Now And Yardi Voyager Integration In One Call Now, many property managers have found a solution that reduces the number of difficult conversations they have to have regarding late rent. Download our article, The Top 10 Reasons Smart Landlords use Automated Rent Reminders to put an end […]

Five Best Practices For Communicating Inclement Weather Closings

The cooler temperatures mean winter weather is coming, along with the challenges of deciding when to cancel events and the best way to communicate changes when you do. Establishing a clear communication plan and sharing it with congregants is not only beneficial to your house of worship in terms of preventing misinformation, but also protects […]

Everything You Need to Know About Inclement Weather Plans

When Winter Weather Hits The Question Becomes “To Close Or Not To Close?” Are you liable if you don’t? Wondering what you need to do to help your staff—and your business—weather any storm? There are three steps that should be part of any inclement weather plan: Plan in advance Communicate the plan Understand your liability

Is Your K-12 School Prepared for an Active Shooter Incident?

A recent PsychLaw Journal article took a closer look at the prevalence of school shootings in the U.S. Its finding? An average of 2.5 school shootings take place every year in this country. While 2.5 may not sound like a lot at first glance, the statistic takes on new meaning when reframed from the perspective […]

Securing Your School: Active Shooter Preparation and Response Protection

The key to the best possible outcome: advance preparation. We’ve partnered with leading intruder response consultant, Strategos International to bring you a free webinar. Strategos has trained over 110,000 school, healthcare, faith-based, workplace, L.E., military and government professionals in 15 countries.