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Setting The Stage Today To Return To Work

Reading this article will help you develop a list of potential scenarios your organization will experience when restarting operations, while providing proactive steps you can take. 

Are You Prepared For An Active Shooter Incident?

Aimed at promoting both workplace safety and business continuity before, during and after an active shooter event, this ebook is designed to serve as a planning resource for contemporary employers, employees, and the public at large.

A Five-Point Resource for Cyber Attack Response Planning

The reality of the matter is that cyber attacks are not only happening, but sooner or later—and more likely sooner than later—one is going to happen to you. If you don’t yet have a cyber attack response plan in place, download our resource, A Five-Point Resource for Cyber Attack Response Planning.

Active Shooter: What to Do Before the Police Arrive

One Call Now and Strategos International have partnered again to bring you a crucial and timely online learning event. This presentation is designed to provide an overview to bridge the gap between responding officers and workplace, healthcare and school personnel in an active shooter situation. The course is designed to assist these personnel in their […]

Put The Freeze On Miscommunication

Best Practices for Communicating in Inclement Weather Of the 5.87 million car accidents that happen every year in the U.S., just over 1.3 million are related to weather. That’s nearly 25 percent of all automobile accidents! The best way to reduce accidents?  Keep drivers off the road in inclement weather. Yes, closures, delays and cancellations can […]

One Call Now Offers Active Shooter Educational Webinar in Partnership with Strategos International

One Call Now invites business leaders, school personnel, healthcare teams, and others to register for a free webinar on how to effectively respond and communicate in an active shooter situation. Dayton, Ohio, January 20, 2017— Unfortunately active shooter situations are not limited to television shows, movies, and books – they’re real-life threats that could happen […]

Intruder Awareness and Response

Protect, Inform and Engage Your Congregants What would you do in the event of an intruder? Instilling the mindset of “See Something, Say Something” has always been important in preventing harm from happening to others. While this has mainly been spoken about in public settings, it’s time to foster that approach in places of worship. […]