Type: Webinar

Emergency Response for Senior Living: A Comprehensive Approach

Emergency Response for Senior Living: A Comprehensive Approach In a senior living environment, administration and staff must continually be ready to respond to events impacting resident care, employee safety and overall operations. Potential large-scale events, both natural and manmade, pose a continuous threat to normal operations. Whether conducting an evacuation or facing a lock-down situation, communication can […]

Active Shooter: What to Do Before the Police Arrive

One Call Now and Strategos International have partnered again to bring you a crucial and timely online learning event. This presentation is designed to provide an overview to bridge the gap between responding officers and workplace, healthcare and school personnel in an active shooter situation. The course is designed to assist these personnel in their […]

Put The Freeze On Miscommunication

Best Practices for Communicating in Inclement Weather Of the 5.87 million car accidents that happen every year in the U.S., just over 1.3 million are related to weather. That’s nearly 25 percent of all automobile accidents! The best way to reduce accidents?  Keep drivers off the road in inclement weather. Yes, closures, delays and cancellations can […]

Security & Protection for Houses of Worship

Recent threats and attacks on houses of worship have left many leaders and members in a state of uncertainty. That’s why One Call Now partnered with Jim McGuffey, M.A., CPP, PSP, CPI, from A.C.E. Security Consultants, to bring you a timely and informative webinar on the emerging threats of domestic terrorism and creating cost effective […]

Back to Church

Re-Engaging Your Members and Visitors after the Summer Slump “Back to School” season also means “Back to Church” for many. Learn how to reengage your members and volunteers through better communication. It’s no secret vacations, weekend activities and nice weather can negatively impact weekly attendance and member involvement. However, with a change in seasons comes […]

Stop Hanging Flyers!

Say Hello to Simple, On Demand, Communications Resident communications doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective. If your communication strategy consists of flyers and mailers, maybe it’s time rethink your approach. With all of the advances in technology, why allocate precious time and resources on distributing flyers? Flyers can easily be blown away or […]

Intruder Awareness and Response

Protect, Inform and Engage Your Congregants What would you do in the event of an intruder? Instilling the mindset of “See Something, Say Something” has always been important in preventing harm from happening to others. While this has mainly been spoken about in public settings, it’s time to foster that approach in places of worship. […]