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Is Your K-12 School Prepared for an Active Shooter Incident?

A recent PsychLaw Journal article took a closer look at the prevalence of school shootings in the U.S. Its finding? An average of 2.5 school shootings take place every year in this country. While 2.5 may not sound like a lot at first glance, the statistic takes on new meaning when reframed from the perspective […]

Are You Prepared For An Active Shooter Incident?

Aimed at promoting both workplace safety and business continuity before, during and after an active shooter event, this ebook is designed to serve as a planning resource for contemporary employers, employees, and the public at large.

A Five-Point Resource for Cyber Attack Response Planning

The reality of the matter is that cyber attacks are not only happening, but sooner or later—and more likely sooner than later—one is going to happen to you. If you don’t yet have a cyber attack response plan in place, download our resource, A Five-Point Resource for Cyber Attack Response Planning.