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10 Things Your Employees Wish You Knew About Communicating With Them

Employees who are engaged are more satisfied with their jobs and more productive in the workplace. If you think understanding how to effectively communicate to your customers is your only concern, you are missing out on an opportunity to increase your company’s productivity, reduce employee turnover—even improve customer satisfaction.

6 Ways to Improve Organizational Communication

In the hectic day-to-day world of operating a business, communicating effectively with employees often takes a backseat. But sadly, poor employee communications can often come back to haunt an organization by way of excessive turnover, poor employee performance and lackluster production. Check out these six tried-and-true ways to improve employee communications and improve your business’ […]

Do You Know Your Employees’ Communication Preferences?

Social media is all the rage these days. Not a day goes by that you don’t hear at least one person say, “Did you see that on Facebook?”. Even if you are not an active Facebook or Twitter user, it’s safe the assume the majority of your employees are posting and tweeting on a daily […]

Improving Communication Within Your Business

In an emergency situation, it is important to quickly communicate with all of your employees. When minutes matter, you don’t have time to send out individual text messages, make phone calls, or send emails that might not get read. If this is how you handle your employee communication, then it’s time for an improvement.