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COVID-19: Get Ready For The Next Wave Now

Is your business built to withstand the onslaught of a second wave? Don’t let the second wave of COVID-19—or any other health crisis—catch you by surprise. Download this white paper today.

Setting The Stage Today To Return To Work

Reading this article will help you develop a list of potential scenarios your organization will experience when restarting operations, while providing proactive steps you can take. 

The Four Best Practices For Your Employee Communication Plan

In this article, we discuss the four best practices for your employee communication plan, including Delivering consistent, on-brand communication. Creating trust and maintain honestyin communication. Knowing your audience. Investing in mass messaging software

Webinar Brief: Growing Your Church Through Technology

Many communities of faith today are struggling with member growth and engagement. If you’re looking for new ideas to reach current and prospective members, this webinar is for you. Produced by two leading church technology partners, the webinar discusses ways that many churches have found to be pivotal in reaching today’s busy congregants including: Mass […]

Best Practices For Texting Customers

For today’s forward-thinking enterprises. It’s an opportunity to effectively and inexpensively communicate with customers in a way that gets their attention. But while it’s simple in concept, the execution is not. In order to truly harness the power of SMS, you need the right strategies in place.

Are you liable? What you need to know about winter weather communications.

What you need to know about winter weather communications. Your organization closes due to inclement weather (or it should be closed). Your employees may not be aware about the facility closure, so they go to work anyway. On the way in, one of your employees gets in an accident. Are you and your company liable […]