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8 Benefits of Technology for Seniors and their Caregivers

Special thanks go to guest blogger Annabelle Short for this post. Aging often causes deterioration of the physical and mental capabilities of an individual. Such conditions pose a challenge in taking care of grandparents, aging parents and other close loved ones. Seniors require special attention; and as a care provider in a busy world, one […]

It’s time to start planning and promoting this summer’s VBS!

VBS is a more than just fun and games, it requires a lot of planning and promotion. For most churches, VBS is the largest outreach event of the year. Many new members and families start as VBS attendees. According to Lifeway Facts & Trends, over 2.5 million children enroll in VBS each year. Over 155,000 unchurched […]

Mass Messaging and Robocalling – Understanding the Differences

For millions of Americans, robocalls have become an all too common occurrence. Automatic dialing technology enables companies to send tens, hundreds, even thousands of messages at once without manually dialing the individual numbers. Far too often these calls are an unwanted nuisance – pushing political campaigns, credit cards, debt, and even scams. Many people mistakenly […]

Join Us in Congratulating the Recipients of the One Call Now Grants

While we sincerely wish we could award every faith community a grant, our client panel had to make some hard decisions. We received almost 500 requests for the grants. After careful consideration the communication grant recipients are as follows: Pax Christi Catholic Church (Rochester, Minnesota) Christ’s Community Church (Glendale, Arizona) Sufi Center East at The […]

Communication Leads to Greater Engagement for Seniors

There are countless reasons why someone chooses to leave their home and enter a senior living community. Some may be trying to avoid the isolation of living alone, their need for care is increasing, or they are looking for a sense of greater safety and security. The key to transitioning a new resident is engagement. […]

When Weather Strikes, Keep Employees Informed and Safe

2018 was dramatic in terms of weather for the United States. Just after New Year’s, Winter Storm Grayson blanketed parts of Florida with more snow and ice than they have seen since the 1980s. Then in March four nor’easters  hit New England in just three weeks. April brought the deep south record rain falls and flooding.  Hurricane […]

School Notification Systems – Aren’t They All The Same

From power outages to school lockdowns, there’s always a need for a reliable school notification system. Many schools, K-12 through Higher Ed, are either shopping for a notification service or evaluating the one they currently use. We are often asked whether or not there is really much difference between one service and another. Don’t they […]

Communities Of Faith Grant

One Call Now is excited to announce that applications are now being accepted from all faith-based organizations for a two-year grant for free communication services. Connectivity – reliable, efficient, ongoing communication – is essential to the engagement and retention of congregants in any community of faith. One Call Now makes it easy for faith-based communities to […]

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Communication

According to a survey of 400 large companies, poor communication costs companies an average of $62.4 million a year. Avoiding common communication pitfalls now can save you a lot of headaches later. Do’s 1. Use voice messaging platforms like One Call Now, which allow you to instantly send a recording of your voice to other […]

Send Automated Rent Reminders with the One Call Now and Yardi Voyager Integration

The conversation most property managers dread We hear from many of our property management clients that there are few aspects of their jobs that are more frustrating than dealing with residents who are always late with the rent—or stop paying completely. Even the best of tenants can hit a rough spot. And, sometimes they get […]