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3 Tips to Make Your Business Continuity Plan a Success

A solid business continuity plan will ensure that your business not only survives any type of emergency, but thrives in the face of unforeseen challenges. However, simply putting a plan together isn’t sufficient for success. You must be proactive before an adverse event occurs, rather than reactive when the event is happening. 1. Create a […]

Six Ways to Improve Organizational Communication

Six Ways to Improve Organizational Communication Communication—or the inability to do it effectively—is  frequently cited as one of the greatest challenges organizations and their members face. Inconsistent messaging, misinterpreted meanings, and delayed message delivery are all contributing factors. Lucky for you, we’ve done our homework and have outlined six things every organization can do to […]

“Don’t Get Goosed”

What to do when those pesky geese are on the prowl. If you’re in the North-Eastern portion of the United States, chances are you have encountered Canadian Geese. Whether they are stopping traffic on a busy street or hanging around your office building, you have come to realize these over-sized fowl are quite the nuisance. […]

Non-English? Non-Spanish? What About the Gap?

My son’s classmate had some great stories when he returned to the US from a nine-month total immersion foreign-language study program. Most were about his struggles with the language… how a mispronounced word or voice inflection dramatically changed meanings and create some awkward situations. That made me wonder… what is the impact on non-English speaking […]

Six Fall Preventative Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Fall is upon us, bringing with it all of the things we know and love about autumn, including everything from glorious foliage to holiday cheer. However, the seasonal shift can also be accompanied by unwanted aspects — particularly for property managers who don’t stay ahead of the game. These six preventative maintenance tasks can help keep your property in […]

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Budget Season

As a residential property manager, you’re likely already gearing up for the 2017 budget season. As busy as property managers are with the many hats they wear — marketing and sales, screening prospective residents, assisting with all manner of residents requests, and more — most understand that putting together a solid budget is critical for […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

“Stop calling me!!!”… “I am going to report you!”… “How did you get my number?!” Unfortunately, we occasionally get callers to our support line with statements and questions like these. As a notification provider, we firmly believe in delivering messages that matter to groups of any type. This means that we do not condone SPAM […]

Crisis Leadership

In the event of a crisis, do you already have a plan? Have you shared this plan with your staff? Do you periodically execute your plan to ensure familiarity amongst your employees? Think Fast, Work Smart, and Make Informed Decisions Have you ever wondered how first responders are able to calmly and effectively deal with […]

Four Ways to Bring Proactive Customer Service to Life

The other day a friend told me, “I spend all my time reacting and putting out fires. I don’t have time to be proactive.” Who doesn’t understand that feeling? The shift to a more proactive approach to customer service doesn’t have to mean sweeping changes. Just a few tweaks can net great results. Consider these […]