Is Your School Ready? Rancho Tehama Elementary School Was

It is every parent, teacher and school administrator’s worst nightmare: an active shooter is loose in the halls of your school. Are you 100 percent certain that everyone will know what to do, how to react and keep children and teachers safe in the event of an emergency of this magnitude? A school in California […]

Give Your Religious Community Communication Plan a Health Check

It’s tough to build engagement and a relationship with people you only see a few hours a week, so how do you stay in contact during the days when people are not in your building? Having an effective communication strategy for your faith community can be the key to getting more volunteers, encouraging involvement and […]

Church Safety and Security

Security has become an increasingly important topic for faith communities around the country. On November 5th we were reminded of this again with the Sutherland Springs shooting. Unfortunately, the trend is driven by an increase in the number of violent incidents over the last 15 years. In the last 5 years alone, the US has […]