The 411 on Simulation Training and Active Shooters

While it’s sometimes hard to accept, the reality is that large-scale active shooter massacres are very much part of our world. The mandate has been clear for schools, businesses, and other organizations looking to protect their constituents: Adequate planning and preparation are essential. But what constitutes “adequate”—particularly in our increasingly technologically-enabled world? In fact, tomorrow’s […]

Alabama DOE Tasked with Taking on School Emergency Notifications

Alabama recently made the news with the signing of House Bill 89 by Governor Kay Ivey. The legislation’s gist? Mandating that the Alabama Department of Education (DOE) take on a bigger role in how and when information is conveyed to stakeholders. Specifically, the DOE will be responsible for developing an electronic notification system aimed at […]

Six Ways to Improve Organizational Communication

Six Ways to Improve Organizational Communication Communication—or the inability to do it effectively—is  frequently cited as one of the greatest challenges organizations and their members face. Inconsistent messaging, misinterpreted meanings, and delayed message delivery are all contributing factors. Lucky for you, we’ve done our homework and have outlined six things every organization can do to […]

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